The MISSION of the BioEnergy Producers Association is to:

  • Serve as a unified voice for California’s biobased industries to inform and advise policymakers on the broad-based environmental and economic benefits of bioenergy and bioproducts, including reduction of petroleum dependency, greenhouse gas emissions and air toxics; and enhancement of the State’s agricultural base, air and water quality, landfill diversion, forest health and wildfire protection and economic development.
  • Promote the development of a comprehensive bioenergy policy for the State of California that prioritizes biobased industry growth, and furthers national biomass research and development policy objectives for energy security, pollution abatement, and rural economic development.
  • Facilitate a dialogue with the Legislature, and with relevant State agencies, including CalRecycle, the California Energy Commission, the Natural Resources Agency, the Air Resources Board, Environmental Protection Agency, and Trade & Commerce, to ensure a collaborative and coordinated approach to the implementation of the State’s BioEnergy Action Plan. (See Page 36 “High Priority Actions.” There has been no progress in 15 years.)
  • Through constructive governmental action, facilitate the introduction of a wide range of clean 21st Century renewable energy technologies based upon standards of performance, and to confirm that advanced biofuels and green power, when produced from the biogenic portion of municipal waste feedstocks, qualifies as renewable energy.
  • Promote the development and expansion of California renewable fuels production from agricultural residues, bio-oils, forestry residues, urban waste residues, other cellulosic biomass and waste plastics consistent with the state’s Low Carbon Fuels Standard, greenhouse gas and climate change policies, financing and production incentives, performance-based regulatory standards, and the removal of statutory/regulatory impediments to biomass and plastics waste conversion.
  • Educate the public about the environmental and economic benefits of biobased industries, and pursue broad-based coalitions for accomplishment of the Association’s mission.